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[DIR]4.3.7/2019-05-22 15:06 -  
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[DIR]4.4.5/2016-09-16 16:38 -  
[DIR]4.4.6/2016-10-17 17:12 -  
[DIR]4.4.7/2017-06-13 15:08 -  
[DIR]4.4.8/2017-11-05 00:03 -  
[DIR]4.4.9/2019-05-22 15:06 -  
[DIR]4.5.0/2016-10-17 17:15 -  
[DIR]4.5.1/2016-11-26 20:15 -  
[DIR]4.5.2/2016-12-13 05:28 -  
[DIR]4.5.3/2017-02-08 01:32 -  
[DIR]4.5.4/2017-04-11 01:30 -  
[DIR]4.5.5/2017-06-13 15:11 -  
[DIR]4.5.6/2017-09-17 21:29 -  
[DIR]4.5.7/2017-11-04 23:55 -  
[DIR]4.5.8/2018-03-09 20:44 -  
[DIR]4.5.9/2018-04-13 16:09 -  
[DIR]4.5.10/2018-09-03 20:23 -  
[DIR]4.5.11/2018-10-22 23:58 -  
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SpamBlocker Versions

If you're changing your exim.conf version, be sure to patch the file.
exim.conf files are not always forward/reverse compatible with different files.
Do not use versions with stability old, alpha-old, or beta-old.

Version Stability Description
2.1.1 stable 16- This is the default exim.conf
2.1.2 stable 17+ Added smtp-time acl limit blocking
4.2.0 old 16- First 4.x adaptation of SpamBlocker to the default DA options
4.2.1 old 16- Removed old RBL blocks
4.2.2 old 17+ Added smtp-time acl limit blocking and varoius other ACL improvements
4.2.3 alpha-old 19+ Added /etc/virtual/blacklist_usernames, first implementation of BlockCracking
4.2.4 alpha-old 20+ Added Easy Spam Figher
4.2.5 stable-old 20+ Added keep_environment to exim.conf
4.2.6 stable-old 20+ Removed
4.3.0 alpha 19+ Added language and variabler configs: /etc/exim.variables.conf and /etc/exim.strings.conf
4.3.1 alpha 19+ Added support for /etc/virtual/domainips and helo_data. See Versions Entry.
4.3.2 beta 19+ Added skip_rbl_hosts (wildcard domains for reverse IP lookups) and skip_rbl_hosts_ip (IPs and ranges) to be skipped for RBL checks
4.3.3 RC1 20+ dnslist has be swapped to a RBL_DNS_LIST string constant, so it can be overridden in the exim.strings.conf.custom file, if so desired (also applies to ESF 1.7)
4.3.4 RC1 21+ allow blacklists to override Some whitelist/blacklist to be nwildlsearch instead of lsearch.
4.3.5 stable-old 21+ Removed
4.3.6 stable-old 24+ Removed
4.4.1 old 21+ UTF-8 and HTML autoreplies and vacation messages and *:ip wildcard bugfix in domainips
4.4.2 stable 21+ added keep_environment to variables.conf.default. Requires exim 4.86.2+ (else CB2 will remove the variable)
4.4.3 beta 21+ added ACL: acl_check_mime. Meant for the EasySpamFighter 1.11 change, which includes the check_mime.conf to scan zip files for exim/bad payloads
4.4.4 stable 21+ Ability to disable SRS by removing /etc/exim.srs.forward.conf
4.4.5 stable 21+ Set to only whitelist ips with medium or high trust. Remove low/zero trust whitelists: bitwise & (000&010=false, 001&010=false, 010&010=true, 110&010=true)
4.4.6 stable 21+ Added:
  BLACKLIST_SMTP_USERNAMES = /etc/virtual/blacklist_smtp_usernames
  BLACKLIST_SCRIPT_USERNAMES = /etc/virtual/blacklist_script_usernames
To compliment BLACKLIST_USERNAMES. The SMTP/SCRIPT version are used for specific items, while BLACKLIST_USERNAMES still blocks both, so you never need to add Users to more than 1 of the 3 files.
4.4.7 stable 21+ Removed
4.4.8 stable 24+ Removed
4.5.0 testing 21+ Issue where unseen srs router ignores srs header changes. See Forum thread
Moved tls_certificate, tls_privatekey, openssl_options, and tls_require_ciphers, all to the exim.variables.conf.default.
4.5.1 testing 21+ Moved "hostlist relay_hosts=net-lsearch;/etc/virtual/pophosts" to exim.variables.conf.default, so pophosts can be removed.
4.5.2 testing 21+ Changed the exim.variables.conf.default tls_require_ciphers value to a more modern list. Be advised that older mail clients may not be able to connect with these newer values.
Also removed the /etc/virtual/pophosts file from relay_hosts. This means if you want to use popb4smtp, set the custom value "hostlist relay_hosts=net-lsearch;/etc/virtual/pophosts".
With this change, all email clients must use smtp-auth to send emails, which is better for tracking.
4.5.3 stable 21+ Added a few .include_if_exists for acl_check_helo and acle_check_recipient. Diff
4.5.4 testing 21+ Report that exim chunking bug persists in 4.89, so added 'hosts_try_chunking =' to remote_smtp and 'chunking_advertise_hosts =' to exim.variables.conf.default.
These values may be removed later on, if the bug is resolved.
Related Forum post
4.5.5 stable 21+ Removed
4.5.6 stable 21+ Removed
4.5.7 stable 24+ Added 3 lines so you can add a smart_route, transport and auth, without changing the main exim.conf:
.include_if_exists /etc/exim.routers.pre.conf
.include_if_exists /etc/exim.transports.pre.conf
.include_if_exists /etc/
4.5.8 stable 24+ Added .include_if_exists /etc/exim.acl_script.pre.conf to allow for the warn section
Added address_directory transport for the userforward (COMMENT 52) to solve "R=userforward defer (-30): directory_transport unset in userforward router"
4.5.9 stable 24+ Add missing Message-ID headers for bad MUAs that don't add them in exim's submission mode.
Added .include_if_exists /etc/exim.acl_check_message.pre.conf
Added .include_if_exists /etc/
4.5.10 stable 24+ For receiving non-local domain bounce messages, only throw the error if it's not authenticated
Accept and send SRS formatted messages on local domains to blackhole. Used when remote server attempts to verify a local SRS sender. Not for saving actual inbounce messages, just to say "yes, we might have sent that" with minimal verification.
4.5.11 stable 24+ .include_if_exists /etc/exim/local_part_suffix.conf into various inbound router, used to alter the local_part_suffix, when needed.
Also, /etc/exim/ to add extra settings to that router.
4.5.12 stable 24+ Relating to SRS verification changes in 4.5.10, some formatting could include the / character which was previously blocked.
4.5.14 stable 24+ Moved the "no such user here" check before whitelisted IPs in acl_check_recipient. Whitelisting should not accept a message for a non-existance account.
Above somewhat voids the need for this, but SRS from whitelisted IPs used to accepted any address. Can set

warn set acl_c_accept_recipient_if_whitelisted = 0

in /etc/exim.acl_check_recipient.pre.conf to still do acl_check_recipient checks later in the acl_check_recipients ACL, but ESF 1.25 adds whitelist checks, so SPF drops are not done for whitelisetd IPs, but ESF header are still added..


See this guide for automated CustomBuild 2.0 install:
You can set the eximconf_release, blockcracking, easy_spam_fighter, and spamassassin options, as desired.


A copy of the readme can be found here, with the related EDIT# comments:


See the forum for issues or questions:

These exim.conf setups are designed for a DirectAdmin system.
SpamBlockerTechnology is a Trademark of NoBaloney Internet Services.